Struts2 interceptors issues

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Struts2 interceptors issues

Hi there,

I'm having troubles with interceptors stacks and actions. I have defined "default" package in struts.xml where the custom interceptor stack is defined and <default-interceptor-ref /> points to it. Then I have defined 2 packages - "media" and "category" with different namespaces, but both of them extends the "default" package. Issue is that when I call actions on "media" package everything works fine, but when I call action on "category" package, all interceptors are skipped, even session is not created (which is the biggest problem) and action fails. Interesting is that if action on "category" package is invoked from jsp via <s:action .../>, then it works fine. When invoked by "standalone" request, it fails.

Here's my struts.xml:


I've spent last 2 days by googling and messing with it back and forth but it's still the same and I don't know yet what to do more.

Big thanx for any help