ParametersInterceptor replacing spaces with %20

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ParametersInterceptor replacing spaces with %20

I've run into an odd issue recently where data posted from a form is being saved with %20 where a space is present.

Let's say I have a form with a field named company.  The value submitted is: Acme Company
Watching the call stack I can see that prepare is being called and the data passed in is correct (Acme Company).  After Prepare my method of Save is being called by the time the data gets there it is now Acme%20Company.   Debugging through the call stack it seems that the value gets changed somewhere between the ParametersInterceptor.setParameters() and ParametersInterceptor.doIntercept().  

My app has been working for about a year and I have never seen this happening and I don't recall changing something that would cause this.  I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction.

This is my interceptor stack from struts.xml
                        <interceptor-stack name="crudStack">
                                <interceptor-ref name="exception" />
                                <interceptor-ref name="checkbox" />
                                <interceptor-ref name="params" />
                                <interceptor-ref name="login" />
                                <interceptor-ref name="static-params" />
                                <interceptor-ref name="defaultStack" />
                                <interceptor-ref name="cookie">