Loosing special characters from Model property

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Loosing special characters from Model property

I am using struts- for my application. My action implements the “ModelDriven” interface. Using interceptor reference as defaultStack.

The problem that i am facing is, all the special characters (non keyboard characters like ®, ℗) are disappearing from my model property by the time they reach to my action class. Other special characters like @ # $ etc able to see those in my action. Tried putting  <%@ page contentType=”text/html;charset=UTF-8″ %> in my jsp. Below is the text field i am using enter new fund name for adding.

<s:textfield name="newFundName" size="24" cssStyle="copy" maxlength="50" />

Do i need to configure any other interceptors in the stack?. Help needed if i am missing in configuration.

Example: If i enter Piracy℗symbol in my text field, in action class when i print property value it shows Piracysymbol.